Crewroom is a high performance activewear brand with a focus on sustainability. Originating from the UK, and now operating with offices in New Zealand and the US - we’ve been in the game for almost two decades. 

With a proud rowing heritage, we’ve used our knowledge and understanding of performance garments and the needs of endurance athletes to expand our kit to cater for a range of high performance sports.

Providing technical training clothes for rowing teams, runners and lovers of the outdoors is at the heart of what we do.





We firmly believe in sensible manufacturing and making products which last, not cheap throw away products which contribute to landfill. Our sustainable race shirts, cycling shirts, event t-shirts and race merchandise will help you make an impactful sustainable statement about your organisation and brand.

Using our extensive knowledge and understanding of performance garments, and the needs of endurance athletes, we have developed our sustainable product range for mass participation sport in the charity, corporate and event sectors...

  • Race shirts made with carbonised bamboo and recycled polyester
  • Hoodies and sweatshirts made with organic cotton and bamboo
  • Event t-shirts and merchandise made with recycled polyester